Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA)

DesignsenseWeb is proud to be a member of the Australian Web Industry Association. AWIA is the peak body in Australia representing Website Designers, Developers, Hosts, Search Engine Marketing Consultants, Search Engine Optimsiation Engineers, System Administrators and Content Providers.

Formed in 2002 to unite web industry professionals across Australia, AWIA's purpose is to keep members up to date with news, events, resources and best practice, and to build trust and understanding of the Australian web industry.

AWIA has become one of the largest dedicated web industry associations of its kind in Australia. Our monthly networking meetings regularly attract 40-60 individuals from varying cross-sections of the web industry, our occasional speaking events have attracted 150-200 attendees each, and our online communities (Facebook, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn and Meetups) have over 7,000 active participants and a total of over 40,000 posts.

Australian Web Awards

The Australian Web Awards are a showcase of outstanding work by web designers and developers. Nominations are open until around the beginning of September and are then judged by a diverse group of highly respected practitioners. The State Awards are run in the lead-up to a National final in November. If it validates and it’s accessible and it’s good, enter it.

Recently Completed Projects

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