7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Website Designer

You want to have a roaring online business and you feel that designing a great website will get you the required results! But, you should remember that a good website design is pretty subjective and getting good results all depends on the numbers. Numbers in this context refer to the volume of traffic generated and it's conversion into sales. So, in this context it is critical to hire a result-oriented website designer who will get you the required numbers.

Asking your website designer the following seven questions to ensure that you are selecting the right one.

How will they price your project?

You will be paying for the expertise of the website designer so it' s essential to know the details of their quotation. The time that they will spent on your website, whether their quote is a single flat price, are there any extra features that will be billed separately, will the project cost commensurate with the per-determined output and the hourly rates should be clear before starting with any website designer.

Can they substantiate their track record?

What type of clients they have worked with, have they delivered the required results for them, do they have any figures to prove his claims and are there any case studies published by them to show how that their clients have been benefited from their services, always have a good look at their portfolio page and do your own research. Are their projects completed or do some of them look as if they are half completed.

Will your website designer allocate time for planning and industry research?

A highly effective website design should have time allocated to planning and researching your industry. It should be ascertained well in advance as to the time that will be spent by the designer for getting to know your business, your competitors and the market.

Does the website designer use wire-frames while designing your website?

The use of wire-frames ensures that the placement of all elements of the website is planned well, before actually designing your website. All items and features of the website should be placed in the correct location so that there are no afterthoughts.

Is the website designer experienced in creating easy to use websites?

The website designer must be able to create easy to use websites so that your visitors are not frustrated trying to hunt items that they need. The ease in navigability has to impress your clients.

Will the website design help to achieve my goals?

You have to set realistic goals laid down in concrete terms. You should get an assurance from the website designer as to whether their website design will enable the business to move in the right direction.

Do they provide usability and conversion testing?

Will usability and conversion testing be offered as a follow-up service which normally comes at a fee, the designer cannot wash their hands of your project on the mere completion of the website design.


Hiring the right website designer can be a daunting task but doing your research and asking the right questions will help you to make the right decision. Always be sure that the website designer can provide examples of completed works and if in doubt, ask the website designer to provide you with a few references to call, there is no harm in making a few calls to the website designers past clients to be sure that you are heading down the right direction.

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