Top Australian Business Directories

While many of your customers use Google searches for information on products and services, a large portion of them find their way to business directories which have substantial marketing budgets to drive traffic but they also help you with your organic search rankings.

Following is a list of the Top Australian Business Directories which will help your website get noticed. Before you get started you may want to refer to the preparation points mentioned below.

Registering to the Top Australian Business Directories

Before you get started you may want to take the following points into consideration.

  1. While most directories accept all businesses, you may want to asses each one to be sure that it is suitable for your business. In some cases you will find that the directory is suited to websites that have shopping carts, in other cases they may be targeted towards specific industries.
  2. Check that you are not already listed in the directory, simply do a search for your business name or your services to see what comes up in the search results, if you are not there then continue on.
  3. Each business directory will ask you questions, some may only ask you for your business details, others may ask you to register to categories and provide them with a brief description about your business, have a good 20-100 words ready which talks about your business and the services that you have to offer.
  4. While registering to these directories is going to help with traffic to your website, it may also increase the amount of Spam that comes through to your inbox. You may want to keep an eye out for newsletter registrations or regular update notification options. If you are happy to receive their email broadcasts select yes but if you feel that their updates are not going to be appropriate then select no but keep an eye out for this as the subscription options are sometimes not within sight.
  5. Finally keep a list of all business directories that you register to, take note of the email address, user name and password that you use. You may want to make some changes in the near future and having this list will come in handy. If you are not the business owner pass the list onto someone within the business that will want to refer to it in future.

List of Top 50 Australian Business Directories


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