How Much Does A Website Cost?

3. Website Design

The website design cost will depend on a wide range of factors such as the number of pages, the content and complexity of the design, whether a contact form is required, or a banner design content management system, shopping cart, payment or delivery charge options, there can be hundreds of points to consider though the following will give you rough idea. Keep in mind that you are paying for the website designers time, so the more complex the design, functions, features, the more variations that are considered, the more it will cost. The following are average website design costs that you would expect to pay.

Free DIY Services (Brochure Style & eCommerce Websites)

There are hundreds of free website services that will allow you to use their content management system and design tools, these types of services generally come with a catch and this type or service is good for the small business that doesn't have a website design budget and has time to spare to do it all them selves. In some cases the company will want to advertise on your website or they will charge a monthly fee to remove any advertising from your website. If you don't have a budget to have your website built and have free time to put into doing it yourself, this type of service is highly recommended as it gets you started, once you have been business for a while and have a reasonable budget to work with, contact a website designer, let them now what you need and have your website done by a professional. Using these free services are generally good as they give you the time to understand what it is that you need and what you want, these types of services are a good place to test your ideas until you feel that you know what you want and are serious about your business. Note that this type of free or monthly paid service will not allow you to take your website, what you see is all lost once you choose to have your own website built so keep this in mind when spending hours and weekends building your site, you are renting the service and can only take away your images and text, nothing else that relates to the actual website working.

Average Cost: $0.00 - $50 per month plus your time to put it all together, 10-100 hours depending on what needs to be done.

Static HTML Brochure Style Website

You can also consider having a static website built for you, static websites generally costs less than other websites, the main reason is that the website is created in HTML format and does not have the editing tools for you to log in and modify the website on your own, your website designer would normally charge you an hourly rate to manage the website when there is a need for changes. If you feel that your website may not require lots of changes once it has been built, this can be a good idea as many businesses, small and large in many cases simply don't have the time to manage their own websites so getting someone else to manage it for you can be a good idea, this leaves you to manage your own business rather than worrying about updates to your site, if they have been done or when they will be done, in most cases, a good website designer will have your website changes done within a few days. With a custom designed static website you are generally paying for someone to design the website, once approved they have it created in HTML format so that you can see the website live. Images and text are generally provided by the client though your website designer will always have access to images and copyrighting services if you don't have the skill-set to provide content and images in a professional format.

Average Cost: $1500 to $3000 for approximately 7-10 pages

Content Managed Brochure Style Website

For most businesses that require regular changes done to their websites, a Content Management System or CMS will be the best solution, a CMS allows you to log into an administration section, go to pages that you want to update, make your changes, save and you are done. This normally comes with in-house training so that you know how to manage your website.

There are two types of services that you can consider;

1) Content Management System which is created by the website design company, this means that the website design company owns the CMS, if you ever choose to leave the company or the relationship goes bad, they wont allow you to take your website, they will only provide you with your content and images, you basically need to start from scratch with your new website design company. For custom applications this can be good but in most cases there are many open source systems that can do 95% of what most businesses need.

2) Open Source Content Management System, this type of CMS is normally built by a community of developers and they offer the CMS for anyone to use for free. There are no catches with this type of CMS, the best thing here is what your website belongs to you, if you decide to move your website away from one website designer to the next, there is no reason why you are not able to do this without any complains from your website designer. In most cases an Open Source CMS is the best way to go. A few examples include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These frameworks are used by most business, Government Departments, Organisations and is preferred due to their flexibility. With this type of website you would normally expect to pay more as it will take longer to put the project together. The benefit over this type of CMS is that they normally self update so there is no need to pay someone every few years to update the CMS, this allows you to use the same CMS for the life of your business. The only thing that you will need to consider 2-4 years after it is built is a design update, design trends change regularly so it's important to keep up with the rest. You are still paying for a designer to design your website, then a developer to put it all together for you.

Average Cost: $3000 to $5000 for approximately 7-10 pages

eCommerce Website (Shopping Cart)

For businesses that want to sell products Online, they will need to consider an eCommerce system, it's extremely important to make the right choice at the beginning to ensure that you are using the right system that will allow future growth and one that will be able to do what you need to do for the business. We have seen so many business owners pick the cheapest or solution that one website designer suggested and have had to go over the whole project a second or third time because the wrong decisions where made. Choosing the right eCommerce system is hard as you are relying on the capabilities of your website designer, if they don't have the right skill-set they can lead you down the wrong path and cost you thousands and hundreds of your of hours wasted. We always suggest, get 2-3 quotes and ask each developer why their quote is best, even get them to have a look at other quotes that you have received so that a comparison can be made. As with CMS systems, there are eCommerce systems that are created by your website designer and there are Open Source eCommerce Systems, the later of the two is best. You don't want to be locked into one website designer and find that all is lost when you choose to move away.

With eCommerce websites, you can also rent a website which comes pre-hosted and allows you to use their in-house editing tools, these are the same as the above mentioned CMS systems where the website designer will either allow you to use their service for free with advertisements placed on your website or they will charge you a monthly registration or rental fee. This type of website does not belong to you and is only rented so if you choose to take your business elsewhere or not happy with the service, you will loose your website once you stop paying the monthly rental fee. You can choose to download your content and images and save them to your desktop but this does not come with a website, its just content that you can take.

Average Cost to have your website built: $5000 to $10000


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