WORDPRESS Troubleshooting Services

DesignsenseWeb specialises in Troubleshooting Services for most major frameworks including WordPress, for more information call us today for your free quote.

WordPress Troubleshooting Services

  • Module Installation & Setup
  • Troubleshooting WordPress Issues
  • Restoring Websites
  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Website Load Time Issues


  • Debug and fix PHP error messages
  • Upgrade WordPress Versions
  • Repair WordPress Database Issues
  • Correct Setup of WordPress for SEO
  • Extension Configuration


  • Repair Duplicate Content Penalties
  • Repair Improperly Configured Installation
  • Debug 3rd Party WordPress Extensions
  • Clean WordPress Installations
  • WordPress Data Migrations

WordPress Troubleshooting

  • Web Design Example
  • Axcess Today Website
  • ATEP Website Design
  • Operation Barbarosa Website
  • Pasadena Website
  • VSI Website

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