Choosing A Domain Name For Your Business.

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Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is your world wide web business’ identity so a good deal of thought should go into choosing the right one. It should be relevant to your business, simple, easy to understand and should be suggestive of your industry. Following are some tips which will help you to choose the right domain name.

Uniqueness is the Key

Don’t let your domain name get confused with similarly sounding existing names. Try to ensure that your domain name is as unique as possible. This can be largely achieved by avoiding hyphenated, plural, misspelled versions of existing domain names.

Brainstorming can be fruitful

If you have a partner or an associate you should have a brainstorming session which can help produce a few relevant names that will best describe your business. You can also work on five keywords using them with appropriate prefixes and suffixes to come out with a perfect fit.

Avoid numbers and hyphens

The domain name should be easy to read out and type. It’s wise to avoid hyphenated names, long spellings or unfamiliar words or sounds. It should avoid the use of slang words or numbers which can lead to confusion.

Short is sweet

Short names are always preferred as they are easier to remember. The chances of them being misspelled or mistyped is reduced and the other advantage is that short and catchy domain names can be easily promoted or passed on to others with greater ease. A length of 5 to 10 characters within your domain name is more than enough.

Build your brand

Your domain name should be relevant to your business and rich in keywords as this will help visitors make the connection with your business faster. Names such as,, enable visitors to understand what they are about before they even visit the website. Uniqueness coupled with relevance is the key.

Avoid infringement of copyright

Normally, most business owners will check to ensure that their chosen domain name isn’t already copyrighted, trademarked or registered by another company. Failing to check can lead to confusion for your customers and in the worst case scenario a legal mess with costs that can run into the thousands.

Use of Domain Name Generators

If you are unable to find a domain name that suits your business, there are many Domain Name Generation websites that allow you to explore the entire domain name space beyond the obvious helping to discover new and interesting domain names that you can choose. They are handy websites as they help you to think out of the box and only suggest domain names that are available saving you time.

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