Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce.


5 Key Reasons for Choosing Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce eCommerce and DesignsenseWeb for your companies online store.

All In One Solutions

Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce all include the tools that you need to create, promote, and manage a successful online business with a flexibility of being customised to suit almost every business model. They are ready for national and international sales with support for currencies and local and international taxes. Delivery charges and most payment gateways are easily setup and there are more than 10,000 extensions available to suit all three frameworks.

East To Extend

Most eCommerce platforms allow you to extend their functionality with extensions or add-ons though very few do it as well as Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce. Extensions work within their own space allowing you to grow your website as your business grows without any limitations.

Search Engine Friendly

Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce are some of the very few eCommerce platforms that come with a full suite of feature packed Search Engine Optimisation tools that provides full flexibility and allows your website to be optimised using the latest techniques.

Open Source

Magento & WooCommerce are both open source platforms which use the most secure programming languages and the key benefit of choosing Magento & WooCommerce is their flexibility making it easier to access in terms of cost which ensures growth of your business.

Who Uses Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce

Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce are the most widely used for eCommerce platforms available and used for small businesses on a budget to some of the biggest online brands which include Olympus, Bjorn Borg, Made, Nike, Paul Smith, Breville, Rebecca Minkoff, Interflora, Goodyear, Lenovo and more....

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Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce

Our selection of eCommerce platforms provide businesses with a flexible shopping cart system that allows full control over their online store and include features such as:

  • Product & Order Management
  • Automated Order Notifications
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates
  • Product Cross-Selling Options
  • Payment Gateway Options
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Wish List & Registry
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Customisation Options

All of our shopping carts offer powerful search engine optimisation tools which can be scaled to suit any business type.

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