What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a means of providing you with the tools and storage required in order for you to upload your website to the internet.

What is website hosting?

What is website hosting? Every website that you see on the internet is hosted to store their pages, images and content. Think of hosting as an online hard drive similar to the one that you have on your computer.

What is website hosting

A website hosting provider is a business that provides you with access to a hosting account that allows you or your developer to upload a website which also has the technologies required in order for your website to be viewed in the Internet. Once your website has been uploaded to your hosting account and setup, visitors just need to type your site address or domain into their browsers which then allows them to see all of your pages, images and content.

Most hosting companies will ask you to register you domain name with them so that visitors to your website can find it. Your domain name would normally look similar to www.yourbusinesname.com.au. The domain name acts as the address where people can find you.

What domes with web hosting?

All hosting companies will have their own features though most of them will provide you with the following, these are standard features that you would expect to get.

  • Hosting account with allocated storage
  • Option to setup email accounts, example info@yourbusinessname,com.au
  • Some will provide you with a domain name
  • FTP username and password, this gives you access to your files
  • cPanel username and password, this gives you access to your account
  • MySQL database access
  • 24/7 website hosting account technical support

Website Hosting Storage

All web hosting accounts include storage, this is similar to a hard drive and you will find that different types of hosting accounts will provide you with different types of storage. Most small websites don’t use up much space so a 1GB hosting account would be sufficient. If your site has lots of images, products or a content management system a 5GB hosting account might be a better solution. For those that have larger websites with hundreds to thousands of products you would need to consider a larger hosting account which might include up to 100GB of storage. Also email accounts use up storage so take into consideration if you receive thousands of emails per month you would need to also take these into consideration.

Summary, so What is website hosting and how does it benefit your business?

In order to publish your site on the internet your business or organisation needs a hosting account. The hosting account allows your customers to see your site 24/7, it provides them full access to all of your pages, images and text and allows them to get in contact with you via a contact us page.

Need help or more information?

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