Hiring a GOOD Web Developer.

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Tips on Hiring a Good Website Developer

Hiring a good website developer can sometimes be a daunting process and if you’re not a technical person it can make the process of filtering through a selection of developers even harder. In most cases a good referral can get a good relationship started though knowing if a particular developer is the right one can mean a fair amount of trial and error.

Following is a list of things that you should look out for when hiring a web developer.

Does your developer ask questions?

This is one of the most important things that a website developer should do. Many developers think that they know and understand everything so they don’t ask questions and do get the job done but it may take several attempts before getting it done properly. A good website developer will ask the right questions to make sure that they are on the same page and get the job done right.

They should not always say yes.

Good developers should know their place and their clients can sometimes make requests that are not logical or in alignment with the project objectives. They should say something if they feel that a task needs to be discussed and be able to come back to you with some alternative suggestions.

Provide references when asked

If your developer knows their job and can balance the complications of work and customer relationships, they will have a good selection of references that you can draw on for peace of mind. If you ask for references and see a change in attitude then it’s a good thing you asked. Make sure you ask…

Experience in at least 2 programming languages

A good website developer will be proficient in several programming languages. Most websites or frameworks use many languages so a developer that is limited to one programming language will struggle to get the job done and may be charging you for many hours of on the job learning. Website developers that are experienced in many programming languages can solve problems in many ways and in most cases in an efficient and timely manner.

Experience in the most common frameworks

Website developers should be proficient in the most of the commonly used frameworks. There are currently more than 1000 frameworks though the most popular will include WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal. If your developer is only proficient in one of the most popular, their recommendations in providing you with the best possible outcome may be limited to what they know which can work out to be a costly project. Website developers that are experienced in many frameworks can provide you with the best possible solutions to suit your needs.

Contributes to communities within their expertise

This one isn’t critical but it does show if a website developer is passionate about their industry. There is a never ending supply of online and off-line communities where developers can contribute to help others with less experience. Getting involved with local tech conferences, writing blog articles, answering questions in online developer communities, good developers will get involved or give in some way.

Gets involved in side projects

Developers that enjoy their work get involved in side projects which helps to explore other techniques and technologies. This plays an important role in their learning, helps to stimulate the mind and keep them active within their industry.

Never stops learning

Technologies change by the minute, a good developer will always look for opportunities to learn something new and keep up to date. If a new version of Magento is released as one example, a good developer is normally one of the first to download a copy and studies newly added features, patches or updates.

Communicates technical terms in simple ways

Some developers take great pleasure in communicating in technical terms to others that are not technically minded. A good website developer will understand that their clients don’t understand the ins and outs of their work and should do their best to explain things in terms that their clients will understand. It’s not hard foe a developer to gauge a customer’s technical understanding within a few minutes of discussing their project.

Experience within your industry

When hiring a good website developer experience within your industry can be handy though this isn’t crucial but it helps when your website developer understands your industry. When you are explaining a task and why the task is required, it helps if the developer understands your industry, it will help them to put two and two together much sooner. If the web developer you choose has no knowledge of industry, products or services, it will help if you invest some time into their education. This can be as simple as inviting the developer to visit your business for a one on one product information session.