Top 7 Tips For Social Marketing.

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Top 7 Tips for Social Marketing Success

Top 7 Tips For Social Marketing | Social media is now a substantial part of every successful marketing plan as it provides the platform to engage with targeted customer groups with minimal effort. More than 90% of marketing specialists find that social media generates the highest brand awareness and return on investment. Following are the top 7 social media marketing tips for anyone using social media for their business.

  1. Create your social media marketing plan

    Similarly to the way you do everything else in business, you must plan and the same goes for your social marketing campaign. Creating a social media marketing plan provides you with a path to follow and keeps you in alignment with your strategy. Plan your path and watch your social media marketing flourish.

  2. Audit your social media presence

    Before creating your social media profiles, run an audit of your current social media accounts. This will help you to keep all of your accounts in the one place and remember to check your profiles, remove anything that isn’t relevant to your marketing plan and check that your contact information is correct, rectify any discrepancies and keep all of your user names and passwords in the one place.

  3. Boost traffic to your website with social media

    Almost every business has a website, but not all get the desired amount of traffic. Use your social media campaigns to drive traffic to your website by regularly posting relevant content. Think out of the box, talk to your audience as if you were talking directly to a customer, provide them with information that they want and engage in a way that brings them directly to your website to read more about your products or services. This takes time to master but with constant research, analysands and refinement, traffic will come your way. Struggling for ideas, look at what your competitors are doing, locally and overseas.

  4. Monitor your Social media campaigns

    As with most forms of social media, visitors have the power to say whatever they want, in most cases discussions can be positive but there is always a chance of negative feedback. Regardless of what type of feedback is posted, monitoring your social media accounts provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of any positive comments while keeping on top of any negative discussion. Taking hold of negative feedback as soon as it is posted is important and should be treated in a way to provide a positive outcome for you and your audience. Customers appreciate businesses that get down to the bottom of a problem as quickly as possible. Leaving negative posts un-answered can fester and tarnish your reputation.

  5. Save time by scheduling posts

    There is a growing number of social media tools that will save time and take the stress out of managing multiple social accounts. They do this by providing you with tools required to streamline the process of managing many accounts from the one dashboard. You can schedule posts ahead of time, keep an eye on discussions, track conversations and measure campaign results, all from the one dashboard. Hootsuite is one example that offers a free, pro and enterprise solution for managing unlimited social profiles which also comes with an enhanced analytics dashboard, advanced message scheduling, Google Analytics and Facebook insights integration.

  6. Measure engagements with URL shortener’s

    Tracking re-tweets and likes is important but you don’t get enough information about your engagements. Remembering that link that you included in a post a few weeks back is tough though through the use of URL shorteners, you are provided with a URL that can be tracked allowing you to measure the success of a particular post. The benefit of this is that URL shorteners provide you with the tools that help you to understand what works and what doesn’t.

  7. Keep your social content organised

    Keeping your social media content organised and keeping it scheduled is imperative to your social media success. By using social media content calendars you will be able to plan your social media posts and keep on track. This can be done by simply using the basic calendar in Microsoft Outlook, planning a daily or weekly schedule of what you will write about, where and when. This will help you to allocate resources wisely and ensure that you consistently publish high quality and well written content.

Final Tip, Increase your social media reach

To increase your social media reach you should take advantage of social media advertising. Investing a few dollars into social media advertisements should be part of your strategy as they drive real, tangible leads and sales to your business. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are filled with millions of consumers and campaigns can be optimised to target specific customer groups that are looking for your products or services. All you need to do is setup an account, create a few campaigns and ads, set a budget and let the social advertising tool do the rest.

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